SLA Ambassadors

Shafer Leadership Academy Ambassadors are program graduates who volunteer their skills in service of the organization.  We offer two volunteer positions designed to help graduates utilize their unique talents, in return Ambassadors receive specialized training and exciting incentives.

SLA Ambassadors for Scholarship

Working with the Program Director, the Shafer Leadership Academy Ambassadors for Scholarship assist with evaluating scholarship applicants for the Emergence, Allegiance, Ingenuity, and Fusion programs.  The Scholarship Committee will meet four times a year to review the scholarship applicants and make recommendations to the Executive Director on scholarship awards.  Scholarship Committee members will receive applicant information at least one week before each Committee meeting. The scholarship committee will also be responsible for recommending potential organizations / target populations for scholarship support. It is vital for Scholarship Committee members to maintain confidentiality.

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SLA Ambassadors for Recruitment

Working with the Program Director, the Shafer Leadership Academy Ambassadors for Recruitment assist with recruiting program participants and partner organizations. Ambassadors are volunteers provided with specialized resources and training. This training includes useful information about body language, effective use of social media, and creating an elevator pitch.

Ambassadors can earn rewards through our innovative “incentive program” which allows volunteers to select the recruitment method which best matches their strengths. Ambassadors can earn points through social media, public speaking, organization visits, media contacts, and creative use of video.

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