Chad Shelley

the missing puzzle piece

Chad Shelley’s son was three years old when he was diagnosed with autism. Chad says he had previously been in a state of denial. His son’s behavior had been difficult to handle, but he had convinced himself it was just a phase.

Kristen Bitzegaio

an irresistible drumbeat

Kristen Bitzegaio thought she was going to be a magazine editor until one day, while working on the WIPB-TV newsletter, she opened up to her boss about how discontent she was as a student in the Ball State journalism department. Her boss sat her down and told her she could do so much more. WIPB had exposed Kristen to too much of the great work local service organizations were doing for her to resist the call of nonprofit work.

Emergence Class #11

2013 Spring Emergence Class 11 is a great example of a Multi-Generational team working together to make a difference in the community.  The class stays connected by email and has a goal to physically meet once a quarter for either lunch or breakfast.  The meeting is a social visit where they share about their jobs and what they have been doing since their last gathering.

Tisha Gierhart

The most inspiring and effective leaders don’t lead strictly from a place of positional authority. They primarily lead others with their professional and personal example. Tisha Gierhart, a Spring 2010 Emergence graduate and recently named Shafer Leadership Academy Program Director, took this principle literally.

Rob Keisling

Rob Keisling is the Director of Operations at Minnetrista. He is an Alumnus of the fall 2009 Emergence program and has stayed involved with Shafer Leadership Academy through various committees and community outreach. Rob currently serves on the Board of Directors for Rebuilding Together Delaware County, where he also participates as a volunteer. He has also volunteered with Muncie Mission’s Walk a Mile in My Shoes and is an active member of the Muncie Noon Rotary Club.

Jaime Faulkner

Mitch Daniels was wrong.   Well, sort of.   

In January of 2010, the Indiana governor honored Jaime Faulkner, Communications Coordinator at Mutual Bank and Emergence alum, with the prestigious Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders.  You can’t fault the Governor for choosing a well-deserved recipient for the award.  Aside from her role at Mutual Bank, Jaime has helped launch the Young ATHENA Award to recognize women who have positively influenced other women in Muncie.  She is also very active with a multitude of nonprofit organizations in the Muncie area.