Equip Emerging and Executive Tech Leaders

Equip tech-and-business-skilled professionals with ready-to-use tactics and tools to effectively manage both projects and people.

Leadership Academy Overview

Is your organization frequently challenged when it comes to retaining and advancing mid-level talent–especially diverse talent?ᅠ Our program benefits the Indiana tech ecosystem by increasing the leadership capacity for all levels of leaders from emerging to executive level with an emphasis on individuals from underrepresented communities.ᅠ

In-Person Networking

Participants will network in-person and build relationships with both our experienced session facilitators and each other.ᅠ

Esteemed Mentors

Participants will network with diverse panelists and speakers who will share real-life experiences, management approaches, and solutions from their deep experience working in tech and tech-enabled organizations.

Hands-On Projects

Participants will bring a real-life, work-related professional development project to complete throughout the program, culminating in a capstone presentation to the cohort.

Personal Coaching

Participants will receive coaching and mentoring support for their development project via afternoon sessions focused on projects and participant-identified topics.

As we work together – individually and organizationally – to advance Indiana’s tech economy and workforce for the future, it is critical that we operate with dedication and intentionality to ensure opportunity is accessible and available for all Hoosiers. TechPoint is committed to undertaking the continual learning, self-reflection, and adaptation necessary to provide the long-term leadership for our ecosystem to fully address inequity, embrace diversity, model inclusion, and foster belonging for all.

— TechPoint Diversity Statement —

Meet Our Speakers, Panelists, and Coaches

Emerging Leaders Program

3rd Thursday of every week

Sept. 19 – Nov. 21

Executive Leaders Program

Monthly on Tuesdays

Sept. 17 – Feb. 18