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Shafer Leadership Academy provides people of all ages, backgrounds and interests access to the tools necessary to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Our aim is to provide contemporary leadership training that meets the needs of communities, businesses, nonprofit organizations and private individuals. LEARN MORE »


  • Your Leaders Will Fail

    My 11 year old occasionally gets frustrated by his homework. He’s a bright kid, and that’s the problem. For as long as he’s been in school, school has come easy…

  • Label Before Responding

    I get angry sometimes. I have very specific opinions on how people should drive. I get upset when the Indianapolis Colts lose, or when the New England Patriots win.…

  • Up to 30 SHRM PDCs Available

    The mission of Shafer Leadership Academy is to ensure that individuals who have  the desire to demonstrate leadership have access to world class leadership training close to home.

  • From Discussion to Decision

    Have you ever been a part of meeting where there was a lot of discussion but no decision? You came together, you talked through options, and it feels like a…



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