Not Time Management—Energy Management

2023tue17jan8:30 amtue9:30 amNot Time Management—Energy ManagementIn-Person Coffee Talk8:30 am - 9:30 am Event TagsHealth and Wellness,Productivity,Self-Awareness,Team Building

Event Details

What is a typical day like for you? Do you find yourself struggling to get out of bed? Once you get to work, do you spend your time responding to crises while fighting distractions? Do you feel irritable or impatient during your day? Do you find yourself driven by the demands of others, either at work or outside? The solution is not the latest time management trick or tip; its to focus on our energy levels, not our time. Energy Management instead of Time Management.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about 4 forms of energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  2. Learn how each type can be renewed and even expanded
  3. Develop our own individualized rituals to renew and expand our energy

This program is ideal for: everyone!


About Our Facilitator

Liz Haney is a Director of Sponsored Projects Administration at Ball State University. She manages her physical energy with a vegetarian diet, an early bedtime, workouts at the gym, walks around the neighborhood, hikes in the woods, and trips down the ski trails. She manages her mental energy by practicing the techniques in Getting Things Done.She manages her emotional energy by having face to face conversations with people she likes and by expressing appreciation at least once a day. She manages her spiritual energy by practicing yoga and metta meditation. And every once in a while, she completely loses her $h!+ because she is human. 🙂


January 17, 2023 8:30 am - 9:30 am

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