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About Shafer Leadership Academy

We know you want to grow your leaders and help them reach their full potential. But without an easy way to develop people, you can feel you are missing opportunities to make an impact.

We understand it’s hard to develop great leaders by yourself. Each year, we provide leadership training to help 3000 people through our leadership programs. Our work impacts leaders in all industries including higher education, manufacturing, banking, healthcare and non-profit organizations.

Inspiring positive change in our community.

For more than 50 years, Hamer and Phyllis Shafer invested their lives into building leaders in our community. That’s why Shafer Leadership Academy is dedicated to continuing their work of growing leaders who make an impact on their families, organizations and community.   Continue Reading »

Our mission.

Shafer Leadership Academy provides inclusive leadership development so that people, organizations and communities reach their full potential.

Future vision.

Empowering people to inspire positive change in their community. Our participants excel in their careers, enrich the lives of others and transform their communities.

Core values.

At Shafer Leadership Academy, we believe that growing your people is the best way to increase your impact. Our core values help you multiply your success and increase your impact on those you serve.


See potential in others + conduct outreach + see outside of ourselves


Invite varied voices to the table + embrace differences


We grow by serving others and our community + we encourage service in others + goodwill


Kindness + empathy + thoughtful concern + willingness to help others


Be the change you want to see + hopeful + can do attitude


Self-awareness + awareness of personal passion + continuous learning

Our Team

Mitch Isaacs

Executive Director

Mitch Isaacs works closely with the organization’s board of directors to fulfill the mission of the organization. He is responsible for creating vision, connecting with stakeholders, administering program offerings and leading the organization in meaningful ways.

Tisha Gierhart

Program Director

Tisha Gierhart is primarily responsible for all activities related to the development, delivery, and assessment of leadership programs. In this role, she focuses on building collaborative relationships with SLA’s participants and partners.

Jeff Robinson

Development Director

Jeff Robinson is responsible for finding new member organizations and custom program clients. Jeff works with countless other non-profit, for-profit businesses, and community advocacy groups to provide opportunities which benefit the entire community.

C. Ted Ward, II

Membership Director

Ted Ward works to deepen existing relationships with SLA member organizations and connect new members to the region’s premiere professional development organization.

Eilis Wasserman

Program Manager

Eilis Wasserman serves as part of Shafer’s Programming Team leading program initiatives. Eilis is responsible for activities related to the development, delivery, and assessment of leadership programs presented.

Do you need an easy way to develop your people?

At Shafer Leadership Academy, we believe that growing your people is the best way to increase your impact. So find a program that’s right for you. Now is the time to invest in your people. Let’s multiply your success with more effective and enthusiastic leaders.

Align your team and increase your success.

Do you need help creating a plan to develop and grow your people? Our leadership assessment will give you clarity about your biggest opportunities and next steps to align your teams.