September XX, 2023
9am – 4pm

Standard tuition is $250 per participant.
Thanks to our generous sponsors,
this session costs only $82.50!

Lunch is included.

A Hands On Journey

Fusion: Leading Multi-Generational Teams is a hands on journey to a better understanding of generational differences.

Using our innovative, and proprietary, Generational Game Board, participants will explore the various social, political, and economic influences that shaped the working attitudes of the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generational X, Millennials and now Generation Z. Our game creates interesting, and informative, conversation among participants from various generations. 

This workshop will equip participants to be more effective communicators and leaders through understanding the various generations in the workplace today. Our goal is to create “win-win” solutions that promote inter-generational understanding and result in positive workplaces and communities.

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An Experience, Not a Presentation

What Makes This Training Different?

Fusion is unlike any generational training you have attended. First, our Generational Game Board, is a unique approach to tackling generational differences.  We use the Game Board as a tool for helping participants better understand the worldview of each generation.  In addition, the Game Board makes for a highly interactive, and entertaining, way to learn. 

This isn’t an another Power Point presentation, or “Sage on the Stage” lecture. 

The program will fly by as you engage in stimulating conversation about your childhood, your parents, your grandparents, your children and maybe even your grandchildren. This program isn’t about us, it’s about you.  Our Game Board helps you make a personal connection to the material.

You may have heard this information before, but we guarantee you’ve never had this kind of experience.

We Focus on the Win-Win

If you’ve come here looking to “fix” people who are older, or younger, than you then you’ve come to the wrong place. We believe that each generation has a perspective to add, and that like any team, those perspectives must be understood and appreciated in order to develop a highly functioning unit. 

We provide you with a way of looking at another generation so you can relate to their experience and understand their perspective. We will provide case studies and activities that push you to find the value in what another generation has to offer. 


  • An appreciation of each of the major generational groups active in the workplace today
  • An overview of the challenges and opportunities multi-generational teams present
  • Insights regarding the world views, needs, and skill sets of various generations
  • An understanding of how to facilitate effective collaboration among multi-generational group members
Towne Square Business and Community Centre 

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Winchester, IN 47394