Hamer and Phyllis Shafer

A true “dynamic duo” whose generosity has left little of their community or its people untouched, Hamer and Phyllis Shafer have left a lasting “legacy of leadership” within Muncie, Indiana.  For more than fifty years, their leadership, community service and charitable endeavors have had a positive impact.  Theirs is a legacy built on selfless dedication to their community, which today serves as an example of genuine leadership to guide future generations as they navigate professional and philanthropic endeavors.

The Shafers’ unique legacy of leadership has helped to develop individuals who make a difference with their employers, their families and their communities by increasing their leadership skills and serve their community.

Shafer Leadership Academy continues on the legacy of leadership of Hamer and Phyllis Shafer.  Our organization feels strongly about working to preserve, perpetuate and repeat their leadership ideas, examples and results.  Not just in name but in action, developing leadership and professional skills.  Shafer Leadership Academy is proud to continue their legacy, serving the community to which they dedicated their lives.

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