Introducing Movement

Cornerstone Center for the Arts, Shafer Leadership Academy, and Harmony Dance Group will partner this spring for a unique leadership workshop through tango dancing. The workshop titled, Movement: Exploring leadership through the art of tango, will be on Tuesday, February 21 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Cornerstone Center for the Arts in the Grand Hall.

This three-hour long program is designed to increase an individual’s understanding of leadership, following, and two way communications through the use of tango dancing as a metaphor and teaching tool. The workshop is not a dance class but a lesson in leadership through the fundamentals of the art form. Participants will leave with a better concept of leadership which they can apply to their business and personal lives.

In addition, participants will walk away with a clear understanding of the difference between management and leadership, a recognition of the two-way nature of communication in all forms of leader and follower connections, tools to diagnose breakdowns in communication between leaders and followers, and active advice on how to re-establish trust and confidence in team members and to build up communication within a group.

This workshop is open to anyone seeking to improve their personal and business relationships. The workshop is $25 per person to attend and is limited to 20 participants. Registration is available online at shaferleadership.com/movement/. For more information or questions about the workshop call Shafer Leadership Academy at 765-748-0403.

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