Moving the Needle on Gender Equity

We are please to announce Inclusion: Move the Needle on Gender Equity. This is a workshop ideal for both female and male professionals who want to enhance their own understanding of gender dynamics and are motivated by that learning to enhance both personal and organizational performance.

This workshop is presented in partnership with the Integrating Woman Leaders Foundation. The IWL Foundation has been working since 2010 in Indiana to help change the game for women in the workplace. The data shows that women are good for business, however, it also shows that gaps still exist in pay and advancement for women. In fact, a December 2017 report for Indiana shows the pay gap between men and women is only widening. Add to this dynamic the national tsunami of sexual harassment cases that are highlighted daily putting an intense spotlight on a very real imbalance of power blocking women.

The time is now to focus on positive change. Both women and men need to be in this conversation. Awareness of the challenges, understanding and support of both genders is critical. Women do need to gain greater confidence, take a seat at the table, negotiate more effectively for themselves and use their voice. Men still dominate leadership roles, control decision-making, and significantly out-earn women. Men are also stepping up to help women and standing for them as allies, which is critical for change to happen.

This workshop is designed to help both women and men understand these dynamics and leverage the knowledge and tools presented to favorably move the needle on gender inclusion and equity.

Inclusion will be held on Tuesday January 23rd at the Innovation Connector.  Click here to learn more.