How Do You Juggle Your 168?

2020thu20aug11:30 amthu1:00 pmHow Do You Juggle Your 168?11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Event Details

Virtual Lunch & Learn


Based on our Myers Briggs preferences we are either good at making lists, keeping track of various things, handling details or we make lists but misplace them, have an idea of what needs to get done by when and maybe grasping the necessary details. This luncheon break asks participants to think seriously about what they do with the 168 hours a week. How is time spent? How should some hours be spent for personal health? How often do we say “I’d like to but am swamped or too busy”. No finger pointing during this lunch time, just time to take a serious look at how each participant spends their 168 hours a week along with making sure they have ‘time for themselves’ during the week. Ideally each participant should bring what they consider ‘their planner’ whether it be digital or paper version.


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Learning Objectives


Do certain habits ‘take away’ time simply because you’ve always done a certain thing at a certain time?

Is there time for “you” personally multiple times during the week? Month?

Have you found yourself saying “I do love her/him” but have not had time to call and let them know or see how they are doing?

A healthy lifestyle is important and how I spend my 168 hours is a factor.

I’ve been doing it myself for a while so why delegate?


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About Our Facilitator

Dr Joe Misiewicz, is the Emeritus Chair of the Department of Telecommunications at Ball State, and in addition to many other accomplishments, served as the President and CEO of the Indiana Broadcasters Association.


August 20, 2020 11:30 am - 1:00 pm