november, 2020


Rafting the Rapids - Build Tough Teams to Withstand Rough Waters

Event Details

Virtual Coffee Talk

When the water gets rough, teams lose their way. In 2015 Harvard Business School studied 95 teams within 25 leading companies and found that 75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional! Yet, we know from study after study that the effectiveness of a team impacts an employee’s overall performance. After too many years of working with ineffective leaders and teams that spend too much time talking, not enough time executing and often paddling in different directions; Lauralee set out to understand how to get teams out of dysfunction and ready to take on the rough waters ahead. From there, the Top Teams® Model was born, this process provides a methodology for collaborating across functions, departments, organizations, and distances.

During this 90 minute presentation and breakout, there is an overview of research about teams, what it takes to create a high performing team and then an opportunity for the participants to assess their own team’s performance. If a half-day program is selected, we will go into further details of team development, using the assessment for building a plan for improving their team’s connectedness and performance. During the half-day, they will walk away with more tools and resources.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the 2 types of teams
  • The “must haves” of high performing teams
  • What the research shows about high performing teams
  • 5 key pieces of reaching high performance
  • The roles of working teams and how that impacts effectiveness

About Our Facilitator

Lauralee Hites is the founder of Stratavize Consulting, a successful speaker, graphic facilitator, and organization consultant. Using visual thinking Stratavize helps leaders and teams reach their highest potential. Lauralee spent nearly 20 years in Fortune 500 corporations such as Wells Fargo, Accenture, and Microsoft. With this experience she has created Landmark Leaders® a roadmap to developing and retaining landmark leaders in your organization and Top Teams® Model a leader’s guide to creating and sustaining top performing teams. Top Teams® Model provides a methodology for collaborating across functions, departments, and organizations. She takes a unique approach to learning and strategy building that is personalized to her clients’ own unique challenges, goals, and culture. Lauralee believes in making an impact in her local community too. She has served on several area nonprofit boards over the years. When Lauralee is not speaking, facilitating a workshop or working with senior leaders she is kayaking the river rapids with her dog, Bear.


(thursday) 8:00 am - 9:30 am