june, 2020


Webinar: Understanding and Responding to Implicit Bias and Micro-aggressions

Event Details

Supportive Strategies for Everyday Solutions

We used to think there were “biased people” and “unbiased people” and that “good” people were not biased. Over time, cognitive science has helped us understand that we are ALL biased and the difference is not between “good’ and “bad” but in how aware we are of our potential biases and how skilled we are at the strategies we can mobilize to reduce the impact of those biases. This 90 minute workshop will provide participants with an understanding of unconscious bias and its origins and its connection to micro-aggressions along with tools and proactive everyday strategies for positive outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the concepts “implicit bias” and “micro-aggressions”
  2. Recognize situations and contexts where they are more likely to occur
  3. Identify strategies to reduce “implicit bias” and “micro-aggressions”
  4. Practice strategies to move toward recovery and repair when they do occur

About Our Facilitator

Melinda Messineo, PhD is a professor of Sociology at Ball State University.

She is a nationally recognized teacher and workshop facilitator and publishes on the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her research explores representations of race, class, and gender in the media and the impact that all media forms have on our understanding of people different from ourselves.


(thursday) 10:00 am - 11:30 am