Your "Interpersonal" Communication

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Communication is Key to Success


We often hear “communication is key to success” in the home environment, work environment and social environment. Often when we focus on “interpersonal” communication the focus is on the words we use, but there is much more to interpersonal communication. There is the sender or the source, which is a person, group, or organization that has a meaning it attempts to share. There is the receiver deciphering and interpreting the message along with the ‘medium’ used to send the message. At times there is ‘noise’ which might alter the message. At some point there is ‘feedback’ from the recipient(s) which should help clarify whether the message sent was sent properly. During person to person communication there are nonverbal factors like body language, verbal cues, voice pitch, tone and rate of speech. This session encourages participants to consider their interpersonal style, to assess if there are differences with their style when engaged with co-workers vs. family members vs. close friends vs. acquaintances. It also suggests we have ‘patterns’ that are established with certain people simply because we anticipate either challenges or enjoyment when engaging these individuals with interpersonal communication. The focus will be on vocal communication.


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Learning Objectives


Is your ‘interpersonal’ approach similar with family and friends as it is with co-workers and new acquaintances?

Non-verbal is often considered more important than words. Do you have built-in non-verbal gestures with ‘certain’ people or over certain topics?

Listening is also key to solid verbal communication. Do you find you listen differently depending on who it is your engaged in conversation with?

How often do you ‘check’ your voice pitch, tone and rate of speech and if you do are there differences depending on the co-worker, family member or friend?


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About Our Facilitator

Dr Joe Misiewicz, is the Emeritus Chair of the Department of Telecommunications at Ball State, and in addition to many other accomplishments, served as the President and CEO of the Indiana Broadcasters Association.


January 9, 2020 8:00 am - 9:30 am