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Muncie Youth Stock ReFreeGerator on Southside

More than 30 high school students lead innovative project to combat food insecurity.  Masked high school students gathered around an unplugged refrigerator painted with vibrant pastel triangles. They took turns packing nonperishable food items into every tray and compartment, then they left. A week later, the refrigerator was gone. “It…

‘I found my why at Emergence’

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Shafer Leadership Academy program helped Dorica Young-Watson find her voice. The kids in Dorica Young-Watson’s third-grade class excitedly shared their costumes for the school Halloween parade, a highlight of Young-Watson’s year. “I’m going to be Wonder Woman,” she announced, proudly. “You can’t be Wonder Woman,” a boy stated, matter-of-factly. “Wonder…

Chad Shelley

the missing puzzle piece Chad Shelley’s son was three years old when he was diagnosed with autism. Chad says he had previously been in a state of denial. His son’s behavior had been difficult to handle, but he had convinced himself it was just a phase. (more…)