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‘I found my why at Emergence’

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Shafer Leadership Academy program helped Dorica Young-Watson find her voice. The kids in Dorica Young-Watson’s third-grade class excitedly shared their costumes for the school Halloween parade, a highlight of Young-Watson’s year. “I’m going to be Wonder Woman,” she announced, proudly. “You can’t be Wonder Woman,” a boy stated, matter-of-factly. “Wonder…

Chad Shelley

the missing puzzle piece Chad Shelley’s son was three years old when he was diagnosed with autism. Chad says he had previously been in a state of denial. His son’s behavior had been difficult to handle, but he had convinced himself it was just a phase. (more…)

Kristen Bitzegaio

an irresistible drumbeat Kristen Bitzegaio thought she was going to be a magazine editor until one day, while working on the WIPB-TV newsletter, she opened up to her boss about how discontent she was as a student in the Ball State journalism department. Her boss sat her down and told her…